Show me what you’re made of: Intern for Locallife Chicago

The summer before my Junior year, I worked in the Chicago offices of Locallife - “Locallife is the place to come for all that’s local - with listings, maps & directions, special offers, websites and much more to help you make those all-important local decisions.” Not only does Locallife Chicago serve as an interactive city directory, but is also a pioneer in today’s “daily deal” market. Due to its multi-faceted nature, I was able to gain experience not only in marketing, but in many complimentary aspects of business as well. I worked first-hand with the company’s sales team, managed the company’s micro-sites and directories, and aided in customer service and satisfaction.

Most importantly, after I completed initial training, I was given the reigns to the company’s social media marketing. By implementing Hootsuite, I managed the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress blog. My responsibilities included understanding the various neighborhoods of Chicago, conducting market research, and deciding how to schedule the company’s daily deal offers. 


Working for Locallife Chicago was by far the most intensive work experience I’ve had. Meeting deadlines, understanding new marketing concepts, and working alongside such a fast-paced and advanced team pushed me to new levels of productivity and innovation. I’m ecstatic that the owner of the company personally asked me to come back and work a second internship with the company because he was impressed with the work I completed during the duration of the summer. I love the company and all of its employees, and am extremely thankful for everything I experienced and learned during my time there!